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Cancellation and refund

     If you wish to cancel an appointment and get a refund you should do so within 48 hours prior to the appointment. To cancel an appointment please email us at requesting your cancellation and refund (please include the full name, date and time for the appointment to be cancelled) so we can begin the cancellation and refund process. Please note that for every cancellation and refund processed a €5 fee will be applied and deducted from the original amount paid due to processing fees. Allow 3 to 5 working days from the day you requested the refund to receive the amount in your bank account/credit card.

      In case you fail to inform us within 48 hours, your appointment will be cancelled but no refund will be processed. 

     Please note that Paddy Appliances provide Appliances Repair Service only, if you book an appointment for any type of service other than Appliances Repair, the rules above will apply, also in case the technician calls out to the house and find out the issue is not related to the appliance no refund will be processed (to cover the travel and labour expenses). 

Appointment attendance

     It is extremely important that you are available at least 30 minutes before the appointment time. We estimate job and travel duration between each client, however we cannot control traffic conditions or random situations that might occur between the appointments. For this reason we ask you to allow the technician to arrive 30 minutes before or after the original appointment time, other than that you will be always informed in cases of further delays. 
     In circumstances where the client is not at home or will not answer the door for some reason, the technician will call and text the phone provided by the client on the booking form, we will also send you an email. After that the technician will wait 20 minutes in the van (at the address provided by you), if you fail to reply or answer the door the technician will then leave to his next appointment. No refund will be issued and a new appointment will have to be booked online. *In case you are booking an appointment for someone else such as tenant, elderly and/or a special person, please state that on the booking form and let us know within 48 hours before the appointment.


Parts used to install the appliance such as wires, hoses, connections and etc. will be charged separately. We do not take the old appliance away.

Appointments for not covered areas

There is link to check our coverage area available  on the website’s home page right before you start your appointment procedure. Also on the second step of your appointment there will be some areas not covered by Paddy Appliances. If you still make an appointment to an area that we don’t cover, your appointment will be cancelled (due to insurance and further reasons) and the amount paid online refunded which could take between 3 and 5 working days do be available in your bank account. In those cases we cannot guarantee that the appointment will be cancelled within enough time before the original schedule.

small appliance repair (REPAIR AT SHOP)

We repair coffee machines, vacuum cleaner, irons, toasters, mixers and other different types of small appliances. Please note that by making an appointment you will have to bring the appliance to our store. The inspection fee will be paid online and once we check, if parts are needed, they will be charged separately. You must bring the small appliance to our shop in Ballymount so we can proceed with the service. By dropping off the appliance at our shop, be aware that we will make sure to return the appliance on the same way (cosmetics "scratches, broken pieces, etc"). We register everything with pictures to make sure everything is fairly done. 

Once the appliance is ready, you have up to 7 working days from the moment you were contacted by us to collect the appliance. If you fail to do so without a probable cause (sickness or an emergency) we will automatically have the right to send it to the recycling centre. Also, we will ask you by email if you would like us to send an appliance which could not be repaired to the recycling centre or you will be collecting it. If we didn’t hear from you after 7 days we will send it to the recycling center immediately.

If you make an appointment for small appliance by mistake and expect a call out instead, your appointment will be automatically cancelled and refunded minus the €5 processing/handling fee. 

We could be quite busy due to the high repair volume so please expect to have your appliance repaired between 2 and 5 working days.

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