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Dryer Repair

Pay Only €59 Call Out Fee/Deposit

  • 1 h 15 min
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Frequently Asked Questions Is it Worth Repairing a Dryer Instead of Purchasing a New One? • Repairing your dryer should always be your first choice, the repair service only isn’t worth when it exceeds the cost of a new dryer. If your dryer keeps letting you down and you always need to service it, it might be an indication that your dryer is no longer worth the trouble. Costs can escalate quickly if you are continually paying for repairs and replacing parts. For these reasons our technician will inform you during the first call out the condition of your appliance and if it is worthy to proceed, that’s the main reason we only charge the call out fee of €59 in advance. What Should Be Considered When Hiring a Dryer Repair Service in Dublin? • Here at Paddy Appliances we provide you with experienced and expert technicians to help solve your problems, we use ultimate tools to identify the problem and give it a solution as quick as possible. We do all the vetting for you so that you can rest assured you’re working with best appliance repair company in Dublin. What Are the Most Common Problems with Dryer? • Common dryer problems are snapped belts, element problems, not heating or overheating issues, dryer switches/knobs, tripping the circuit breaker (main switch). Our dryer technicians are trained and expert at solving all of these issues. Rest assured, your dryer is in good hands. Parts are also kept in the van for your convenience so the repair can be done at the first visit. What Is a Dryer’s Usual Life Expectancy? • An electric dryer has an average life expectancy of 7 to 12 years. However, this is an estimate and it will wear out faster if you use the appliance more often. Using a dryer daily will cut its life expectancy, while only using it a few times a week or less should prolong the dryer’s life expectancy. The make of the oven can also play a role in its lifetime, cleaning and maintaining your oven would also increase its longevity. What Is the Average Cost for Dryer Repair? • The costs for dryer repair services usually range from €59 - €120, depending on the dryer make and if it require parts.

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Paddy Appliances, Ballymount, Dublin, Ireland

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